Drusilla Mars born and raised in Louisiana, an avid reader since a little girl and to date she loves to be tuned into well-developed characters in unforgettable storylines that she can’t get enough of. When asked how she found her passion for storytelling she replied “Reading, imagination and reality.” The novelist is not one to be put into a box she writes outside the lines without mercy.

In 2012, she signed her first publishing contract and has consistently studied the literary industry. Drusilla’s love for being an author grew to learn more about the business and was introduced to partner with an avid reader Stephani Mickens as publishers. Kindred Soul Publications was born and collectively released over one hundred books with quite a few bestselling authors. Publishing gave Drusilla a sense of strength and integrity to lead authors to their full potential.

In 2018, Create More History LLC known loosely as Cognac in My Coffee Presents came to life as a visual blog on Instagram, the vision later expanded into a writing service and business consulting firm due to the word of mouth. Drusilla’s creative direction and expertise gave her a founding title over her brand. Her main goal is to impact writers and entrepreneurs to always create content.

Create More History LLC is a writing and community service to you, an all-around business junkie. 

there is no better way

Coming SOON-Before Christmas SOON. I will be contributing to the new podcast and blog site Billion Dollar Kueen delivering some uncut and entertaining commentary along with some great contributors and guests. This has been in the works for many years, and finally, it is here. We will also have featured merchandise for you to select from More Loyalty to become a part of your daily life from apparel to self-care products and adult novelties from local or supporting vendors. We do believe in supporting small businesses. Subscribe to the mailing list for all details.