VOLUME 2: Jewels For Your Crown

Jewels For Your Crown


This morning I woke up on the right side of the bed and realized that even though I’m at my lowest, I still deserve my crown. Think of all the Queens and Princesses in the world and know that it’s not easy to wear a crown. Even with servants at their feet they still struggle personally and almost daily. The cliché “Heavy is the head that wears the crown” is so overrated. “Heavy is the head that bares to wear the crown” is more fitting. First, let’s get the diamonds, pearls, glitter, gold and delicious Macaroons out the way.


Before anything in this world you’re a newborn. Your life started the moment you were conceived. Your life inside was counted down to when you would make your arrival. Your life started some plans when announced “it’s a girl.” Now, fast-forward to the moment you get your period. The mere age of puberty when you begin to come into your own and the level of naïve is at an all-time high…for most. Although, some of us are already born with a sophisticated mindset, and some taught since we learned how to talk. WE STILL have a time with being naïve.
By now you’ve been loved, started a family, married, divorced, hated, cheated on, disrespected, approved, rejected, enrolled, dropped out, suspended, fought, expelled, graduated, overlooked, hired, fired, promoted, demoted, moved in, evicted, drunk, high, low, made some friends, lost some friends, battered and/or torn. And you still get up in the morning and put that crown on. That’s strength. To wake up every single day is the gift. Reward yourself the crown for being given another chance to add this beautiful jewel to it.


The feel-good hormone comes from rewiring our brain to process encouragement and positive thoughts in our day to day lives. In better words “to get our shit together” at the tip top of the day and throughout the day. Today I woke up with this “I AM” this means I’m already claiming a change over my life. I start each day with my affirmation, particularly whatever I’m working on or going through I pronounce a declaration.
My favorite is “I AM blessed, I AM healthy, I AM talented and I AM worthy of success.” Now, Kueen this is simple yet subtle because of its versatility. Your affirmations should evoke action into your life. Feel good about what you speak over your life and others around you. Be wise to not overload yourself with meaningless declarations that you forget.
Here are a few examples.
Business owners- “My business is expanding and growing.”
Marriage- “My marriage is getting stronger and more stable everyday”
These do not have to be true at the time. These can simply be visions you have because it’s an area you are working on. Remember Kueen exercise the feel-good hormone in your brain so that it propels you to take action to bring these affirmations to fruition. Rather you’re single, unemployed or unhappy create affirmations that will heal you, and when you’re done with that create another.
They tell you that you only live once, but every day is a new life. A new beginning. Become the master of your ability and declare that. Stay woke Lil Baby.


Health is wealth

Losing weight? Good bill of health? Thinking about it?
A Queen’s body is her temple. It shall not only be praised by the King’s or Peasants but by one’s own self-love. Here is my list to you on how to keep your body, mind and soul cleansed to live a fulfilling life. Have a clear mind that this list has no filter and more than none of us are dealing with one or two of these.
1. Drink a gallon of water a day. It cleans the body inside out. Many don’t understand the smells they smell, the skin breakouts, the lack of energy or other health problems is because we don’t work water into our daily regime. Your body will thank you. Try a 30-day water challenge and watch the difference it will make in your life. Throw some fruit in there and make it tasty to your liking while you’re at it. Any alcoholic or carbonated drinks you drink an additional glass of water added to the gallon.
2. VEGGIES & FRUIT. ERRRDAY! Wanna feel good? Wanna taste good? Girrrl you betta!
3. Small portions. Lord, help us. If you’re a heavy Kueen like myself this is NOT easy, but I promise if your affirmations are in place and you go hard for you like you should; lessen the portion. The leftovers will be there if not oh well count it as a greater good. This method measures your intake and because everything we may cook is not particularly healthy we are to eat small portions to keep the sexy. (Add a vegetable to EVERY meal this way you knock 2 & 3 off the list at the same damn time)
5. Meditate. (All I can tell you is to google, research and figure out what works for you.)
6. Communicate. Let’s add value to our conversations other than the rumor mill. We have much more to discuss; health, beauty, business, wisdom etc. How can we make a little extra this month? What can we learn new? What new experience can we have to live our best life?
7. Play with yourself if you out here catching feelings..

8. READ! Everyday. Seriously.

9. 30 minutes of “Me time” this can be during a late night bath/shower. Reading a book, sipping a glass of wine, writing in your journal, meditating or exercising your affirmations (the feel good hormone). Always find you some “me time” and if you happen to miss it just treat yourself to something you really want. Maybe even a trip. Ya know, the things we Kueens like to do on “me time”.

10. Cut OFF anyone who disturbs the peace in your life NOW! Make sure every relationship in your life is fulfilling and not draining rather it’s personal or business.
I took the D’s out of this article; diet, doctor and dick. We get dizzy over these three. Because we know we must diet we either don’t or give up. Because we must see the doctor our pressure skyrockets from worry of what they may say. Because we want or need the dick we do unhealthy, unforgettable and most times sensational things. Nonetheless, diet, doctor and dick is on my personal list. These health is wealth tips hold TRUE. They are the most essential to a Queen who strives to add value to her crown.



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