VOLUME 3: F*K’EM::::The Best Advice

Only what I'm not giving I'm lacking in any situation (12)

This is for the ones who have anybody negative in their ear…

For so long we are caught up in other people’s perception of us. Let’s be real we are our own worst critic when it comes to certain aspects of our lives but we also have “them” constantly critiquing us and telling us what we should do. Often times we find ourselves seeking their opinions and in the end we’re still most likely dissatisfied. I say FUCK’EM and fuck what they think, say or do. You don’t need validation from ANYONE to be successful besides the ones who writing you the checks and even after the ink dries you have to say “Fuck’em!” You determine your own greatness in this world.

When they want to voice their opinion on whatever it is in life you’re doing and it doesn’t help you propel forward to think and achieve a goal…fuck’em, tackle the goal and live the dream. This is just my tidbit today.



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