VOLUME 4: Never Stop Writing

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR… AGAIN! I don’t know if you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but this is completely unedited and 100% me. It’s been a thought to start a blog and was dropping a few topics like “Single is a living too” and “Fuck’em” to give you a little insight on what to expect from me. To know me is to love me so I put this together to serve y’all some transparency in my experiences, and we can link up in the comments, my email… it don’t matter to me. So, here goes…
In My Honeycomb (2)

  1. NAME WOES: At first I didn’t like being called Dru. NOBODY KNEW IT and I absolutely don’t know why! But it irked the shit out of me. My family called me by my middle name which is Rena (most spell Renee). It didn’t start until I went to school, like elementary then high school and soon on jobs now into my career in being an publisher and author- all I hear is Dru. It finally grew on me like  2017, so I’m cool with it now though.
  2. ANXIETY PLAYING TRICKS ON ME: Like Charlamagne’s book Shook One Anxiety playing tricks one me. I Have ANXIETY! It gets unbearable when I overthink about all my goals; personally and professionally. My vision so big it scares me and makes me anxious. Nonetheless, I’m doing a lot better managing it so that I can balance my life without it consuming me because I have shit to do. It’s not easy but ‘one day at a time’ has been the best advice that done it for me in 2018.
  3. FEED MY MIND MORE: I love to read a lot… lately, I’ve been having readers block to urban fiction, urban romance, contemporary romance anything with characters and plots pretty much. I have to find authors to test read for us because it has gotten so bad (thank GOD for the readers). To cure this, I’m reading outside those genres and reading more books like biographies, self help and motivational. Maybe my taste in reading choices are changing, I don’t know. I would like to call it growth.
  4. RESEARCH: videos, documentaries etc. about drug kingpins, underworld criminals, black panther party, FBI… I be on it. In my next life I would be a researcher and a New York Times Bestselling urban crime writer. Most times I’m on YouTube and Netflix watching videos of all the history from the 70’s to 90’s. I compare it to the times of now and man I be amazed. Just know when I write my books I put a lot of research into it.
  5. I LOVE GOALS: Writing down my goals gives me something to look forward to both short and long term. Goals are attainable if you believe and work towards them if you want to see them come to fruition. I change my goals often because I find new talents within myself that can possibly change my life. I learned to write realistic goals so I don’t disappoint myself.
  6. LOYAL

Trust me I have more facts.

KSP (2)


Let me run it real quick

 Most people can remember when they started writing but not me. I do remember I was young in my teens writing stories for my cousin to read. She thought they were pretty good. My imagination was wild and it showed in my writing style. I lost all of that work.

Before all that my mom always bought me journals and I would jot about my day, a boy I liked, random thoughts or even write a scene between characters. She obliviously encouraged me as well in writing because those journals meant a lot to me which is why I have about a hundred plus.

It wasn’t until I started working at a chemical plant that I stepped out on faith about submitting my book for publication. All the ladies at the job were in love with the chapters I was writing while I was on the night shift. It gave me the extra push to go ahead and submit to the Bayou Soul Writer’s Conference in New Orleans where Ashley and JaQuavis were having a writing contest. It was already pass the deadline, but I decided to submit it anyway, since I was already a big fan. Worth a try, right? YEP! I won the contest in 2011.



Drusilla Mars winner of Ashley JaQuavis Writer’s Contest 2011


After winning this plaque, I felt like I could do anything and my writing was going to take me right to the top of the literary industry with them. At the time, I was measuring my expectations off the success they were having with The Cartel and Murderville series. They’re the NYT Bestselling authors doing the damn thing. Unfortunately, the promises of winning the contest didn’t go through and its no hard feelings. I was a little discouraged but it showed me how the industry is and that I needed to research more before getting back into it. Maybe my writing wasn’t all the way up to par… All I could do was write and keep it pushing. I had all kinds of issues going on so life goes on- regardless. At least I know I tried and I got their attention which means I’m still in the game.

One night at work, I was on Amazon and came across books you can read on your phone. Blew my mind and I noticed the prices were like .99 cents to read. NO WAY?! So, I browsed and bought books all night. Real life! I had about twenty books on my kindle. I started with Bawss by Best selling Author David Weaver and it was intriguing; on a level you could understand black history then and why things are the way they are now. Anyway, I finished the book and went to Amazon and found The Bankroll Squad series. After reading part one, I instantly get on social media to find him and found dude on Twitter. I hit his DM and told him how much I love his book. He was a real genuine and thorough businessman to the tee. Even gave me the option to help me self publish if I wanted to pursue it that way. Long story short he signed me to his company in 2012. He introduced me to a group The Bankroll Squad (TBRS) where so much unity, creative and goal oriented minded members were apart of.

December 12, 2012 Black Fire was birthed to the world.


I honestly with my whole heart appreciate everyone who purchased this copy. It was definitely not the best edited book but a damn good book. There were a lot of grammatical errors that irked me when I reread it, finally and in its entirety. There was a lot I didn’t know about being an author besides writing the books, editing and promoting six years ago. Between 2012-2013 I was consistent with releasing books until the drastic changes in the industry and honestly I couldn’t keep up and was getting overwhelmed with a lot; losing my job, my step dad passing and starting a new publishing company. I took a step back from releasing but not writing because I always practice to ‘never stop writing’. In 2018, I decided to start releasing again. But I wanted to start fresh and the right way like I was showing my authors through our author development.

In 2018, I decided to give my first baby a complete makeover; cover, editing and formatting. It was a pleasure working with my pen sister/editor Leondra on my baby. The pain wasn’t bad at all she knew exactly what Black Fire mean to me and I believe she understood my goal. I read and reread it so I know it’s official. Check it out here on Kindle or paperback Black Fire

28033202_1992652414320741_1243896208_oThis year I wanted to show that same consistency as I did when I started and I believe I did good with following up with excellent content. No matter what obstacle I was faced with I managed to be consistent in a twelve month period. My goal was to publish only the books I believe were 100% ready and I did that. The time I’ve taken away from publishing my own work I used to write more and research, and based on my readers I have grown a lot in my writing. I appreciate those who really been down for me because it’s been a ride to get to this point.

My first release of 2019

txg0266525062069059784293.jpgFebruary is the estimated release month for this one due to the plot changing I had to take a step back from it. Its still coming out. To take a break from these crazy ass characters I started something else until I get motivated to go back in on it.

This year my goal is to write at least four full length books, build my blog and publishing company. If you’re not already familiar hit the link where you can find me.

Publishing: Kindred Soul Publications

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