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2022 The wealth in health

Word of the day FASTIDIOUS (adj.) Very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail. Dedication This edition is dedicated to a young lady named Latasha Harlins who loss her life at the tender age of fifteen for being accused of stealing “allegedly” and it still does not sit well with many Americans today. This… Continue reading 2022 The wealth in health

Since You Been Away EXCERPT

Shamona relocated from her hometown in Baton Rouge to Houston for a change. She worked as a barmaid at “CHURCH” an underground gentlemen’s club where gambling tables and stripper poles crowded the space along with catty co-workers. There she meets the strikingly handsome hustler Claiyton “Country” Lebrado who just arrived back home from the hot… Continue reading Since You Been Away EXCERPT

Dirty South Diana II

🍭Every choice you make affects you… Diana finds herself circling the bottle on a downward spiral after Courtland’s sudden death. She started working for Chirpy’s Chicken & Shrimp; the same one he robbed in hopes of avenging his death, and she got that plus more bloodshed. It wasn’t long after that she was found out… Continue reading Dirty South Diana II


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