Coming Soon 2022


This is the debut novel of my very first pseudonym Ms. Piney and to kindly reveal a blog and podcast


CHARM is a certified black market gun runner that frequents many places until she falls in love with a handsome buyer, she is gone head over heels for him in the most murderous way.

Do you listen to podcasts?

“Seed, sow, time, work, harvest” -Pastor Michael Todd said it best in a sermon I listened to on the Podcast app on my phone and it’s true that BAMBOO SZN works as the quote entails. It has been years for so many of the projects such as books and much more coming out that have been brewing, and so much of what I have prayed and worked for has come to fruition; and there is still more work to do. This is one thing that I have been wanting to do for years and that is have a segment rather it was the radio or a blog. I wanted in on conversations that were fulfilling in many areas that we need assistance with. After listening to so many podcasts and realizing how technology is evolving I recorded myself on video and through voice recorder and I get excited and filled with joy hearing me talk about a subject. My energy for this is completely positive and I have come across many names, and let’s welcome your new favorite podcast coming 2022.

Merchandise will be available in Spring 2022 for all Tribe Affiliates.

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