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Urban Fiction

Street Lit

African American Romance

Women’s Fiction

Urban Romance

Self Help

Christian Fiction

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Blog Contributors

Are you a writer that have a unique way of executing a unique topic? Do you find yourself being what some would call ‘anal’ because you make blunt points seasoned with sarcasm and knowledge?

Do you believe the impact on self care today is much needed?

Is your love life progressing, stagnant or redundant?

What is your perspective on police brutality and injustice in the country? How do you think this will impact the relationships between the community and law enforcement?

What tips do you have on trading?

How did you make your first $1000?

Billion Dollar Kueen is seeking out contributors who can deliver quality content on a variety of subjects. A writer must write with passion and habit. Whatever you feel needs to be heard let’s bring it to the forefront and keep your tone throughout. This is a platform for us and what you may know could become an archived article one day.

Email all inquiries to and please allow thirty business days for a response. A confirmation email will be sent once your submission has been received and accepted.