VOLUME 4: Never Stop Writing

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR... AGAIN! I don't know if you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but this is completely unedited and 100% me. It's been a thought to start a blog and was dropping a few topics like "Single is a living too" and "Fuck'em" to give you a little insight… Continue reading VOLUME 4: Never Stop Writing


Since You Been Away EXCERPT

Shamona relocated from her hometown in Baton Rouge to Houston for a change. She worked as a barmaid at “CHURCH” an underground gentlemen’s club where gambling tables and stripper poles crowded the space along with catty co-workers. There she meets the strikingly handsome hustler Claiyton “Country” Lebrado who just arrived back home from the hot… Continue reading Since You Been Away EXCERPT


VOLUME 1: Single is a Living Too

*DISCLAIMER* "I have cognac in my coffee" Like many, I’m a single woman BY CHOICE. To want better for myself is NOT a horrible thing. I WILL NOT SETTLE for just anything or anyone. I’m not a materialistic person never have and never will be those are “things” that don’t last forever. When a woman… Continue reading VOLUME 1: Single is a Living Too